Training & Education


Disability Support with KARE

KARE Support Services is proud to be partnered with local Training Organisations are able to assist with training in the following areas:

Certificates in

  • Certificate 3 In Individual Support
  • Certificate 4 In Disability

Upskilling in

Our staff are trained to work with Clients of all sorts of disability and receive constant upskilling in areas such as:

  • AAC- Alternative Augmented Communication
  • PODD- Pragmatic Organisational Display Device
  • Epilepsy- Training in the administration of Midazolam and use of VNS
  • Hoist and Basic Personal Care
  • COVID-19 safe practice
  • Behavioral Management
  • Understanding Autism
  • Medication Handling
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Safe Transport practises



Providing personalised disability support


Clients Serviced

Throughout Gold Coast