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KARE with a Difference

KARE believes in providing supports with a Holistic Approach both regarding the person and their family.

Our clients are not defined by their disability but by who they are as a person and who they want to be. We believe, to truly support our clients we need to look at the bigger picture which includes those we care about. Therefore, at KARE we work closely with the family to ensure they are supported as well.

KARE Executive Team

Meet our Executive Team

Anne-Marie Rumbles, Rachel Welch, Lee & Michelle Jensen

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Lee Jensen

CEO/ Training and Development Manager

Meet Lee

Lee Jensen is the Founder and Managing Director of KARE Support Services. As a father of four boys with disabilities he is passionate about disabilities and family supports. Originally from Brisbane he loves hanging out with his clients(he gets all the cool kids) and watching them grow. In his spare time(when he gets it) he enjoys being a bit of need playing and and video games. His goal for the future is to help as many families get the supports they need through NDIS. Lee is often the first face our clients meet and he is always available for both staff and clients, he believes the personal touch is the difference between a good support and a great support.

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Michelle Jensen


Meet Michell

Michelle is one of our founding members and sits on the Board of Directors. As a mother of four boys with disabilities, she is super passionate about making sure everyone has the support they need. You can often find her working behind the scenes with staff welfare. Michelle is a qualified Beauty therapist and enjoys making sure both staff and clients shine. It is with pride that Michelle has opened a KARE Beauty attached to the hub in Railway St. Michelle’s hobbies include puzzles, swimming and going to the gym.

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Anne-Marie Rumbles

Office Manager

Meet Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie comes to KARE Support Services from a hospitality and tourism background. For the last 8 years she has worked in an Admin role and brings a vast knowledge with her. To back up her on-the-job experience Anne-Marie has recently completed Certificate III in Business Administration. She is the face you’ll see when you come to the office hub and the voice you’ll hear when you phone KARE. In her spare time Anne-Marie loves to watch her sons play AFL and supports the league’s local team – Gold Coast Suns.

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Rachel Welch

General Manager

Meet Rachel

Rachel is our General Manager and is a part of Executive Management with KARE.

What led you to work in this field?

When I lived in New Zealand I worked as a teacher aide and once arriving in Australia I wanted to further my knowledge so went back to study found KARE and never looked back.

Why do you love working for KARE?

When I was offered a job at KARE never in my wildest dreams would I have expected to love a job as much as I do, from the incredible staff, clients, and management team, KARE is everything I dreamed it could be. I started as a Support Worker then Team Leader to Case Manager and now General Manager. KARE has helped me with every step.

Favourite hobbies/ activities:

The small amount of spare time I do have I love spending with my 5 amazing kids, walks, beach, and soccer games (I’m the loud embarrassing mum on the side lines).

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Matthew Purdy

Case Manager and Training Coordinator

Meet Matthew

Matthew is currently our Training Coordinator and Case Manager with KARE. Matthew has Cert III in Individual Support.

What led you to work in this field?

I’ve always enjoyed helping people and the community.

Why do you love working for KARE?

Being a part of KARE feels like being a part of a family.

Favourite hobbies/ activities:

Spending time with friends and family and hiking.

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Lisa Branningan

Case Manager

Meet Lisa

Lisa is currently one of the Case Managers with KARE. Lisa has her Cert IV in Disability, she is also currently studying her Diploma in Community Services.

What led you to work in this field?

The General manger at the time saw my potential whilst working with people with disabilities at my previous workplace and asked me if I would like a job. I enjoyed working with these customers and decided to take the leap.

Why do you love working for KARE?

Some organisations don’t tend to acknowledge when staff go above and beyond which has been my experience in the past. KARE acknowledged this on one of my very first weeks after gaining my employment. The CEO called me personally to thank me and to tell me that he had included a bonus in my next pay. I really appreciated being appreciated.

Favourite hobbies/ activities:

I love family gatherings, camping, boxing, and beach activities.

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Harmony Brampton

Nursing Manager

Meet Harmony

Harmony is currently working as Nursing Manager with KARE as well as doing rostering. Harmony has their Bachelor of Nursing.

What led you to work in this field?

I have always wanted to be in a career where I am helping and educating people, and support work matches my values of caring and advocating for others.

Why do you love working for KARE?

I have worked at KARE since May 2020, and it has been great! I feel supported more than I have at any other job before. Working with the team, we have found ways for me to further myself and try and achieve my goals of teaching others.

Favourite hobbies/ activities:

I enjoy all arts and crafts, recently I have taken up knitting and have started to do sewing more as well. I also watch lots of movies and TV shows in my spare time.

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Emilee Pledge

Client Intake Manager

Meet Emilee

Emilee is currently Client Intake Manager and support worker with KARE. Emilee is an Enrolled Nurse and currently studying her Bachelor of Nursing.

What led you to work in this field?

I was going bored of my retail job and wanted a change, so my friend recommend I try support work as I was completing my Diploma of Nursing. I also have firsthand experiences with disabilities as myself and my partner both have a disability, which means I can pass on some of my knowledge to clients.

Why do you love working for KARE?

I love working at KARE because it has given me the opportunity to peruse my nursing skills with some of our clients. KARE is always providing me with support and trainings especially when I’m studying nursing at university, to help my personal development skills in the field. I like working with all our staff as they bring different knowledge and experiences to the KARE family, and we all support each other.

Favourite hobbies/ activities:

In my spare time I love going to the beach, being active, cooking, spending time with loved ones, my scouting activities, going on road trips and spending time in the outdoors with my partner. I also love spending time with my dogs Chewy and Zeus.

female disability support worker gold coast

James Wise

Events and Programmes Manager

Meet James

James is currently program and events manager and support worker with KARE. James currently studying Cert III in Individual Support.

What led you to work in this field?

After many years in hospitality, I wanted to work with people, helping others, it was always a dream but taking a giant leap to change industry and starting from the bottom can be daunting. Then the universe delivered an opportunity when I least expected and I ran with it, Now I wish I had done it sooner.

Why do you love working for KARE?

KARE doesn’t just support their clients, they also support the staff just as much. It was a shock at first, coming from hospitality being just another number whose time and soul is nothing in comparison to the needs of gambling and entitled customers.

Now I get to spend my time caring for people, bringing joy, helpfulness, happiness, and adventures to our clients. The family vibe and support from the team at KARE has given me a new lease on life and career. I look forward to achieving all personal and professional goals for myself as well as reaching all the individual goals with every amazing person we get to support.

Favourite hobbies/ activities:

Quality time with family, my partner and Theodore our French bulldog. Dog walks, video games, skating, collecting music, overspending on homewares and plants, collecting art and designer toys as well as graphic design.

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Natasha Hawley

Case Manager

Meet Natasha

Natasha is currently a Case Manager and support worker with KARE. She has her Cert III in Individual Support, she is also currently studying her Diploma in Community Services.

What led you to work in this field?

I have always had a passion for working in the health industry and love being able to learn new skills and help people improve their lives.

Why do you love working for KARE?

I love working for KARE because they are an amazing group of people to learn off and always make you feel supported in any situation.

Favourite hobbies/ activities:

Harry Potter Collector. I enjoy stand up paddle boarding with my family and going on adventures as well as discovering new places.

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Rebecca Yigit

Recruitment Manager

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca is currently Recruitment Manger and Case Manager with KARE. Rebecca has her Cert III in Individual Support, she is currently studying her Diploma in Community Services.

What led you to work in this field?

To have the opportunity of helping and caring for one or someone is exciting as I was able to learn, develop and excel in something I am passionate about. Putting a smile on someone’s face and helping someone reaching their goal is a bonus regardless of how big or small the goal is. “Helping others doesn’t just make the world better – It also makes you a better person”.

Why do you love working for KARE?

KARE has been amazing from the day I first started with the company. The supports, trainings, the professionalism and that everyone works together to accomplish something has been super amazing! Love our team!

Favourite hobbies/ activities:

Sun, sand and sea, spending time with my children, gardening, and a lot more.



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