Our mission at KARE Support Services is to provide support services to our clients in a KIND AND RESPECTFUL manner to assist each person with their personal ENDEAVOURS.

Will you be the next branch on our tree?

KARE with a Difference

KARE believes in providing supports with a Holistic Approach both regarding the person and their family.

Our clients are not defined by their disability but by who they are as a person and who they want to be. We believe, to truly support our clients we need to look at the bigger picture which includes those we care about. Therefore, at KARE we work closely with the family to ensure they are supported as well.

Your Life, Your Way

Here at KARE we believe that everyone deserves the right to live their life their way and so our team work closely with our clients to develop care plans that meet not just the client’s NEEDS but their ASPIRATIONS as well. To us QUALITY of life is just as important as QUANTITY of Life.

KARE Executive Team

Anne-Marie Rumbles, Rachel Welch, Lee & Michelle Jensen



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How KARE Started Caring

KARE Support Services was founded in 2019 by Lee Jensen and his wife Michelle due to the struggles they had encountered finding supports for their own boys. Previously Lee had worked as an independent support worker in the disability sector. He has 4 children, all with Autism and Michelle has an acquired brain injury. Lee has a full understanding of the needs and requirements for caring for someone with a disability. He also has a passion for helping families with their daily struggles. This led to the inception of KARE Support Services Pty Ltd. KARE has gone from strength to strength with its goal of becoming a leading provider in the disability sector and providing support in a kind and respectful manner allowing each client to reach their goals and personal endeavours.

Our logo takes on the values of nurturing a tree; how important it is to provide a sapling with the right soil, fertiliser, sun, water, and air for it to grow into a tree. All the elements ensure perfect and strong growth. Watching our clients grow and achieve goals to reach their personal limits, brings joy to all involved in their care.

KARE is not just another organisation, but a family. We take pride in our goal to help and support others while personalising our services to each individual.  We encourage and support our staff to continue to up-skill themselves so those skills can be used to benefit our clients who are like family to us. Our highly qualified staff come from diverse backgrounds but the one thing they all have in common is the want and drive to help others as well as the passion for those with a disability. By working in partnership with our clients, our staff continue to think outside the box and find new ways of doing things that will suit the client’s individual needs.